After all the planning, designing and attention to detail for the big day, you can finally create something to look back on the event fondly. But what pictures should be in the wedding album? What type of album should you select? The answers will depend on your preferences and what vibe you would like portray. Selecting the right photographs will take time, so enjoy the process of arranging your favourite moments and putting them together in an album.

Pick Out Your Favourites

When sorting through the countless photographs, separate the ones you really love from the pictures that you are not too keen about. You can include pictures you like in order to create your vision– or even go with a theme you have in mind. Weddings are among the most memorable events in any person’s life so use the shots that reflect what you want to remember about that special day. Key shots can include the walking down the aisle, cutting the cake or even pictures that were taken while getting ready.

Create A Flow

Creating a great album need not be as complicated as it seems especially when you can make the whole concept flow well together. For example, you can include the pre-shoot pictures with the wedding photographer in HK at the start of the album, and then keep adding varying stages of the main event. Then complete the album with the reception pictures and both of you leaving the event.  However, you can still experiment and create something unique or more interesting if you wish.

Include Other Favourites In Another Album

What if there are favourite shots that won’t work with the album? You can consider framing them or keep them aside for something more special.  Some couples even hire a pre wedding photographer for pre-shoots and a separate person for the main event. With this concept, you can even have separate albums for the pre-shoots or simply an album with other photographs you like and get more creative with designing an interesting album. Visit if you are looking for engagement photographer in HK.

Keep Things Simple

These days, there are countless effects, styles or concepts that can be applied to wedding pictures, however, avoid getting carried away. It’s better to avoid over-crowding the album pages or adding too many special effects to the pictures since it can look overdone. But that does not mean you can’t pick great album cover or even include personal touches to create something more special. If you are stuck on what to do, get online and have a look at some examples to get better ideas.