The most important event of your life is just around the corner. You have loads of work to do and get your day ready with all that is special for you on that day. Before the day arrives you have to do a good amount of home work and get prepared for the special day. There is a list of work to do and you have to list down everything initially to organise them.

You may view farm weddings to have a picture of the whole ceremony and how it looks when you have a special venue for the day. Since it’s your special day, ensure you have everything in place.The lovely wedding celebrant Byron Bay may also inspire to have your meaningful day on the shores of the white spread sand and blue water. Choose your venue accordingly and make your event great fun.There are many things that you need to keep in your mind before the day is organised. Let’s have a look step by step to know how to go about to reach the special day.

Fix the date

The first work is to fix the date of your special day. Block your dates and mark the date in Red on your calendar.

Make the announcements

Once you decide on your date make the announcements to your family and friends that you have said Yes and you special day is about to come soon.

Fix the venue

This might take long and can involve a lot of time. So, do it when you have plenty of time in hand. The Venue will make your guests feel special and will make your important day the memorable one. Decide with your partner that where you want to have the vows and which place could suit you the best.

Select and book your celebrant

Once your date and venue is fixed please book an appointment with your celebrant. You celebrant will take care of the event and get all your legal papers ready. They would also have your special day rehearsed beforehand so that you do not have so much stress on the final day.

Make the guest list and invite

Start making the list as you would need some good amount of time recollecting all those names which you want to invite on your special day. Once you cross check on your list start inviting your guests. Last minute invites are really not welcome for most of them.


The most important moments will be captured through the lens of an expert. So, decide on your photographer and freeze the dates with him.

Make your itinerary today and get ready to make your special day a stress free one for sure. Plan ahead and do all the needful. Start today!