Being the maid of honor for a best friend might sound like an absolutely jolly time but sometimes, it proves to be quite the opposite thanks to all the chores that comes attached to the process of planning a wedding. However, if you’re granted the opportunity to be a maid of honor, you are very likely to be known as one of the people that the bride trusts in most. Being given the honor of becoming somebody’s maid of honor is not as bad as some movies may portray it to be. Being a maid of honor is a very entertaining and fun job but whilst having fun, it is also important to live up to the standards that the bride expects from you.

If you’ve been appointed maid of honor, it is very likely that the bride assumes that you are a very reliable person so it is important that you love up to the standards she believes that you possess. The information listed down below are a few ways in which you could contribute to making your friends life a little easier during the hectic time of wedding planning.

Take care of bridesmaids

Between the dresses fit ons and the cake tasting appointments, your friend also known as the bride to be is very likely to have her plate full. It is also highly likely that she does not have much time to sit around and bond with her bridesmaids while introducing them to each other so it is up to you to make the following happen. It is completely up to you to introduce all the bridesmaids to each other and help them develop personal relationships with each other so that it will be easier to work together as a team in accomplishing the chores needed to get completed before the wedding. Everything from discussing hens night such as disco tour in Sydney and bar hopping need to be discussed in the presence of the bridesmaids. You should also take the initiative to divide up the tasks that needs to be completed before the wedding day amongst all the bridesmaids instead of piling it all on yourself and the bride.

Brides go to girl

It is no surprise that brides to be are undergoing a lot of stress and exhaustion during the process of planning the wedding so it is important to be there for your friend and make sure that she remains sane and in the best condition for the wedding.

Everything from driving the bride to appointments and going to the spa should be tasks that need to be completed by the maid of honor.