Tips On Creating A Great Wedding Album

After all the planning, designing and attention to detail for the big day, you can finally create something to look back on the event fondly. But what pictures should be in the wedding album? What type of album should you select? The answers will depend on your preferences and what vibe you would like portray. Selecting the right photographs will take time, so enjoy the process of arranging your favourite moments and putting them together in an album.

Pick Out Your Favourites

When sorting through the countless photographs, separate the ones you really love from the pictures that you are not too keen about. You can include pictures you like in order to create your vision– or even go with a theme you have in mind. Weddings are among the most memorable events in any person’s life so use the shots that reflect what you want to remember about that special day. Key shots can include the walking down the aisle, cutting the cake or even pictures that were taken while getting ready.

Create A Flow

Creating a great album need not be as complicated as it seems especially when you can make the whole concept flow well together. For example, you can include the pre-shoot pictures with the wedding photographer in HK at the start of the album, and then keep adding varying stages of the main event. Then complete the album with the reception pictures and both of you leaving the event.  However, you can still experiment and create something unique or more interesting if you wish.

Include Other Favourites In Another Album

What if there are favourite shots that won’t work with the album? You can consider framing them or keep them aside for something more special.  Some couples even hire a pre wedding photographer for pre-shoots and a separate person for the main event. With this concept, you can even have separate albums for the pre-shoots or simply an album with other photographs you like and get more creative with designing an interesting album. Visit if you are looking for engagement photographer in HK.

Keep Things Simple

These days, there are countless effects, styles or concepts that can be applied to wedding pictures, however, avoid getting carried away. It’s better to avoid over-crowding the album pages or adding too many special effects to the pictures since it can look overdone. But that does not mean you can’t pick great album cover or even include personal touches to create something more special. If you are stuck on what to do, get online and have a look at some examples to get better ideas.

A Valentine Surprise For Your Love

There is no day in specific where you can show your love to your other half. Every day in life with your lover is a special day even with the ups and downs that carries you forward into the deepest of all understanding and the beautiful journey of your life. Adding every story and memory to your little tale is the best part about life and that’s how you always make it special for you and her to live in the most magical fairytale of all times. You can share the entire world with another person and create an entire beautiful world only for the two of you and that is the beauty of love. The more love you add to your life the more joy and happiness that you feel every time. Every turn every day will be a different love story for you and that can be a little more excitement for your love story. If you are not content with the boring life of your day to day activities then something out of the blue is a must and essential in your life. If you are looking forward to make something more memorable and create a tale of your everlasting love story then why not, it’s your love it’s your life and you choose to make a story out of it and you choose to share it with the world. There are many stories as such and many people celebrate their love anniversaries in the most special ways that its sets goals for the couples who look at it with awe. If you too are the romantic Romeo then you will know how to capture the heart of your Juliet making her tear with joy. if you want to make a mark of your marriage day on a special day that the world too celebrate then why not, and what better way than choosing the day to celebrate love, valentine’s day where love is being celebrated in all corners of the world. You too can make a mark of your own love story on that day and plan something bigger than what history recalls.

Make it special

All magical occasions’ starts off with a little dim lighting and a good soothing music to the ear, you too can start on planning your surprise for your love by getting some candelabra hire Sydney for your decorations and make the lighting perfect for your surprise.

Add a little more extra touches

You can get chair cover hire for your decorations as well, if you want everything to look so professional and well prepared for your better half to be surprised. Make the decoration look worth it.

Spread happiness with love

There is always happiness when love is around, so never let it die rather make it live.

Planning A Simple Anniversary Surprise

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most beautiful and memorable day in your life, and always will be. Not just because it happened at the most beautiful destination or because you had the best band play the best music, but because it marked your union with the person you’d loved the most and the beginning of your happily-ever-after. Celebrating this day every year is a great way to bring back the memories and rekindle all the emotions that you’d perhaps never got a chance to express after that day.

Do simple things

You could opt for many ways to celebrate your anniversary. You might plan on a romantic getaway, or go on a candle light dinner, or even have a special private moment at your house where it would be just the two of you. Either way, you could think of doing little things additionally, like giving simple tokens of love to your dear spouse. Ideally, you would plan on giving her a beautiful surprise. 

What she wants

Cake, flowers, and great balloons may sound too cliché, but are things that would never fail to excite a woman and give her the chills. These types of tokens could never become out dated or too common, and so, you would certainly want to consider them, not just one time, but probably every year. Pop in a hand written note to make her feel completely over the moon. If you’ve made major dinner plans, or opted for a holiday escape, you’d want to choose the right moment to make this type of love gesture to your lady.

‘Specially for You’

If you decide to put cake, flowers, balloons and cards together to make a perfect ‘package’ of love, you can talk to the gift service whom you’ve ordered with, and have the entire thing customized to suit your choice. You can have special writing on the cake, flowers of your choice (or hers), and hand crafter cards. You could also have pictures or special writings on your balloons! This, they are likely to get done through a custom balloon printing service who can make beautiful and creative prints of your choice on all kinds of balloons.Wedding anniversaries and birthdays are dates you should never forget, and most importantly, never fail to celebrate, at least in the smallest possible way. It makes you feel special and appreciated, which is like internal motivation for human beings. Kind words and gestures of love can actually impact a person’s mood, emotions and confidence. At the end of the day, it is the actions that really count and speak way louder than words.

How To Become A Successful Event Organizer?

Do you know that every year how many people subjected to the issues like stress and depression so that they have to give up on their daily life and start going for rehab or something? What are the reasons that could be for to happen this kind of incidents? Working for the mast part of the day and taking part in situations like that would cause an immense stress because you don’t giving a relax to your brain or anything. So your brain as well as the physical energy drains from you because of this. How to avoid this. For of the companies are the work places have identified this situation and they have taken remedies.

Events – They are organizing different kinds of event to get rid of the same old working procedure and to have fun time and to strengthen the bond between coworkers. Therefore, they are mostly hand over these kind of events to event organizers for to handle. Suppose you are an event organizer. How you are going to organize a valentine party which is given by some company or a hotel to organize, how you are going to do it successfully? Well, first you will have to come up with gay commitment ceremonies Perth to execute the valentine party. And then you will have to plan the whole party and execute every step one by one because if you are the only organizer, then you will have a lot of work.

Consideration – Well, as the event organizer in the mentioned example, you would have to do a lot of work, like deciding a place and booking the venue, and also you have to consider of many factors when organizing a party as such like the perfect marriage proposals in Perth like wise. So if you are new in the industry, it is better to have such new experiences and new concepts in throwing a party like that. So as an event organizer, you are having a lot to learn and lot to consideration, like it doesn’t matter where you are organizing the party, if you are planning on some loud music, you better inform the people who give the job, that they should turn off the loud music when in a certain time limit at night.And also, along with that, you will have to learn working with a budget and how to handle it correctly as by any means, you can’t exceed the budget limit and say you couldn’t help it. And the other thing is you should have to know about all of the people who are providing services like food, music, venue etc. the only you can talk things out and give the best for a limited budget plan.

Your Way To Organizing A Successful Thematic Party For More Energizing Fun

If you have been tasked with the work of having to organize an event or a party in general then you should by now be aware of all the hassle that you have to put yourself through, but there is nothing compares to the satisfaction that you feel when everything that you put together somehow comes to fruition and ends of being the reason behind a successful event and when all your guests are entertained and made happy all alike.

Since this a very tough task to achieve there is by no means any reason why you should just give it all up, unlike back in the day a lot of things are made much easier now you can always look things up with the help of the internet, this has opened doors to many different types of creative spaces and other beneficial things alike. So, if you are not sure of certain decision to be made you can always have it double checked and run down online. this way you are able to have an idea of what a majority of people like and even see if your line of thinking is similar if not be able to adjust.

When it comes to parties one of the primary places where you can start off with organizing is to think of a suitable and unique theme, with this decision made you will have a basis foundation upon which you are able to make other collective decisions. You can use tropical party decorations if you have ideas of throwing a party that is more centered towards an awesome tropical vibe. This way you are able to have your guests in all tropical clothing and even make everything served at the party centered on it.

As you can see having thought of the party themes at the beginning make it much easy on the remaining part.Now that you have presumably decided on a suitable theme you can then go ahead and settle and start deciding on the decorations that you are supposed to get, as per the previous example if you are having a tropical theme centered party then you could use a hibiscus table skirt since most of it simply scream tropical and are able to give the complete vibe. And this is important because since you will be having photographic memories of these events even when you present the photo album to a person after the event they should be able to guess the theme that the party was centered around. This way you are able to have the complete experience and still be original with your organizing and hosting skills.

Different Ways To Arrange Your Special Day

When it is the planning of your marriage, you have lots on your hand. There are different ways to go about it, but the couple who are getting hitched need to plan out the main dates, itineraries, how they wish to do it and so forth. As the main arrangements and parameters lie with the couple getting married as well as budget considerations, here are some tips on how to make it simple and hassle free.

Look at budget considerations

It would be best to know how much you are willing to spend and cut your cloth accordingly. When two people are getting married without support from others, they might simply plan a court wedding. This could involve a small reception afterwards or a get together of friends and well wishers. On the other hand, an elaborate wedding would need consideration of venues, accommodation for guests, transportation, wedding trousseau purchases and so forth. Hence, once you have a clear budget and theme of your wedding decided, it would be easier to move to the next planning stage such as wedding decorations hire brisbane and other arrangements.

Do it yourself

One way of arranging a wedding is to divide the tasks between the couple and close friends or relatives. This will need proper coordination and planning. If one is looking at wedding venues they need to consider dates, accommodation options as well as transportation and décor or catering options. All such arrangements could be made the responsibility of one person while the other looks into other matters.

Find a comprehensive wedding planning service

How would it be if you could get your wedding planned by an expert service that would include booking of the ideal venue, décor of your choice and catering and other arrangements taken care of as per your budget? That would really take a load off your back. You can then get excited about your wedding plans or plan your honeymoon which would be fun things to arrange. Once you appoint an expert service to plan and arrange your wedding, they will take care of all details and arrangements as long as you provide them the necessary information and your requirements and provide them the budget guidelines to work with. With such details and an event organizer by your side, you can work on other requirements, plan your wedding dress and look as well as get the rest to look your best for your special day. It is easy to look for event organizers and wedding doers from online directories these days.

Preparing For Your Wedding

As we all know a wedding is a grand occasion and we must be very much looking forward to it. Talking about weddings it’s important to make sure that you plan your one effectively. By doing so you’d be able to make sure that everything fits the bill perfectly. Most importantly you might want to make sure that good pre-production is done. By doing so you could ensure that nothing is left out on that particular moment. Some individuals are very busy on what needs to go right where they fail to think of what might go wrong. Therefore, you could make it a point to look at the aspects which could go wrong because this would prevent you from looking into those. 

Firstly, you could make sure that you list down everything which you want. By doing so you’d be able to make sure that you look into those beforehand. One of the main problems which we face every day is that we need to carry out everything one by one and doing so could result in an individual’s losing out on another. Therefore, you could possibly think of doing everything on the exact same moment. For instance, you could try looking into Fairfield function centre just to make sure that the right venue which you require is there. Once the 21st function venues which you prefer are looked at, you could make it a point to place the reservation on the food. When the food is being reserved the number of individuals who are invited might need to be looked at.

It is always good to order more than order less. Some individuals might consume more than usual while some individuals might consume a lesser amount. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the food aspect is focused upon. Sometimes individuals forget to look into the videographer. Yes, photographers might be present during the event but, the videographers might be missing. To avoid such things from happening, you could make it a point to ensure that a videographer is hired in advance as well. Furthermore, you could also try looking into makeup artists and all the other individuals who are necessary. Once everyone is booked you could just make it a point to go over it again just to ensure that everything is in the right place.All in all, these are the elements which need to be looked at in order to make sure that everything fits in the nice place. If you plan correctly you could end up having the best days of your life during the wedding season.

Planning A Memorable Intimate Gathering

Intimate gathering can be organized at any time and for celebrating one’s birthday, anniversary, victory, homecoming, success in career and so on. You have to arrange food for such intimate gatherings. For this task, you can hire a caterer. You can’t stay in the kitchen all the time to prepare tasty dishes when others will come to meet you.   

Things to be kept in mind – You ought to hire professionals to decorate your home and for food. You can hire a florist to decorate your home or any venue for the purpose of intimate gathering. It is not easy to handle each and every work singlehandedly. You have to interact with your invitees and you cannot just vanish from the place to do other works. Give the duty of party arrangements to your family member, food section to a catering service to remain stress free.

Food – After the interaction session, your invitees will become hungry. So, you have to arrange lip-smacking and tasty food items for this social gathering. You cannot prepare good quality dishes for at least 100 guests. That’s why rely on a caterer. If you prefer finger foods, you can hire a finger food catering from Brisbane service. Only a professional caterer can cook yummy dishes for the intimate gathering. Ask that how much money you have to pay to the caterer earlier, so that no problem can happen in future.

Perfect plan – A perfect plan must be chalked out for organizing an intimate gathering. Make a list of the things that are necessary to decorate your party venue. If you are calling your guests at your home to celebrate your daughter’s birthday, you need to buy some items, such as ribbons, balloons, birthday hats, return gifts for your daughter’s friends and other things. Additionally, you must estimate your budget. Calculate that how much money you have to spend on your intimate gathering, food dishes, flowers, balloons, birthday cake, drinks and so on. If you are planning to do a social gathering to celebrate your 2nd anniversary, you can invite less people. Generally, only a few people are invited in a social gathering. You can save more money by inviting only your close ones as well as some friends.

Tips – Don’t ask a professional to make invitation cards to invite others. If you would love to invite others, then you can invite them over phone. Moreover, you can send an email to their respective emails to invite them. You must tell the location of your home correctly or any venue, so that your invitees can attend this social gathering without any problem.

Organizing Carnivals And Entertainment Stalls For The Sunday Fair

The Sunday fair is something that everyone regardless of the age loves to enjoy and have some fun. It is not always about selling goods because they have stalls separated for joy and endless fun. Therefore it is something people are waiting to go. In such stalls there are places which have food that goes with the local taste, foreign food and also yummy desserts. This is the place to go and have fun because the variety is quite big and there are different types and ranges.

The Sunday fair is not an event that has a theme or where particular type of goods are sold and therefore any age group can go and have fun, usually after the fair a carnival is organized and for the committees that organize such entertainment events must provide comments and suggestions of the people who are willing to come and enjoy the day. When organizing a carnival they have to first think of the venue and the security of the place. There has to be special security guards to check and scan the bags they bring to the carnival for many security purposes. Then the time and date have to be fixed as in most of the cases, the day is Sunday as everyone is free on this day. Then they have to think of the services and items they shall have at the event. karaoke juke box

One such service is having a jukebox hire Melbourne for the day as people who love the old style of music and who have been using this device would prefer to get into the stall and listen to the music they prefer. It is a great way of collecting money as well. When there is a preferred song list inserted in the machine it can play whenever.

Moreover to cool down and refresh people’s taste buds there should slushie machine hire South East Melbourne for the day as it consists of the facility to have more than two varieties of flavors. People can easily serve themselves the drink they prefer to have. The best part of these machines is one can save space, time and energy as the machine allows the guests to serve as much as they want by themselves. Therefore no one would have to spend time in serving and making the drinks.

Therefore when organizing such a carnival the committee shall always give the main consideration and concern on the choice of the people and of the things that can make them happy and satisfied.

Taking On Your Own Wedding Planning

Many people choose to outsource their wedding planning due to the amount of work that is involved with planning a wedding but the truth is that giving this responsibility to someone else means that you are losing out ton the experience and the excitement of doing it yourself. There is a lot of stress involved with planning your wedding but at the same time, it is a time and experience that you will never forget. You can even choose to make your own wedding dress, your own decorations and every other aspect of your wedding yourself. If you are good enough at it, you might even be able to do it as a business one day. If you do your own wedding, you can use it as an advertising method for your new business if you ever choose to do so. The great thing about this option is that your wedding pictures will become popular all over the internet and your friends and family will admire your work and therefore, get to know about your services.

Learning new skills

Of course, planning a wedding is certainly not an easy task which means that you will have to learn many new skills and learn how to do things that you have never done before. If you want to consider making flower girl dresses Sydney, you are going to have to learn and master the art of sewing before you can do this and this can take some time.

It is very important that you start your wedding planning very early on if you are choosing to do it yourself because there is a lot of work involved from making flower girl dresses to making decorations.Choose to keep it simple so that there will be less work involved and so that it will be an easier task since it is your first time ever planning a wedding. The truth is that simple design and decorations are the most beautiful and they add a touch of elegance to the wedding. Of course, you will not be able to do everything yourself and therefore, you will have to hire certain professionals to do certain things on your behalf like videographers and photographers. However, if you have a friend that loves to take pictures and wants to become a professional photographer, you might even consider asking him or her to take pictures of your wedding in exchange for being able to use the pictures in his or her portfolio. You will find that many people will be happy to do this.

How To Make Your Special Event More Interesting?

There are numerous unique days in a man’s life, a day that they can always remember which dependably brings definitive recollections that you cheer. It can be a birthday, graduation day, commemorations, reviewing with best and so on. Every day like this must be an agreeable and loaded with satisfaction. It is constantly conceivable to make them glad regardless of the possibility that you are out of the nation or going to get late as a result of unavoidable conditions.

photoboothWhen you are hosting an event for many guests it’s better to have party equipment known as the photo booth which clicks many pictures of a group or one into a card that will be printed then there for you to take home. This is really something which many people will enjoy as they will have a memory to take home after a wonderful evening they had spent with their loved ones or family. Photograph stalls are flying up all over the place. From wedding gatherings to Jewish laws of passage and VIP occasions, they’re the ideal cute gift. To view photobooth options please visit: party photo booth in Sydney.  

In case you’re thinking about a photograph corner for your next occasion, yet not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt how it functions, here are some astounding motivations to legitimize a photograph stall for essentially any event.They shake up for any event.

Weddings, corporate occasions, sweet sixteen, these are quite recently a portion of the occasions. Fundamentally at whatever time you accumulate a gathering of individuals together, you have a justifiable reason explanation behind a photograph corner. They require zero work on your part, and rental circumstances flex with your timetable. Most bundles range from three to five-hour sessions. Some of the organizations clarify that set-up time does not cut into your rental time. A staff part is in the corner the entire time, ensuring things run easily. His four and five-hour bundles are part capable in this way, “you can open for a mixed drink hour, close for supper, and open again for supper for the rest of your time”.

You can tweak photographs to coordinate your occasion. Need your photograph strips to coordinate your color combination of the party? Some businesses In addition to can convey. A custom logo on the base of the photograph strip to make it huger for visitors? Get innovative and bring your gathering topic through in little points of interest like these.

Nuptials On A Budget

When you think of weddings, you think of money and great expenses because weddings cost a lot of money. In fact, many people remain engaged for a very long time and put off their actual wedding because they cannot afford to host the wedding while others spend everything that they have while also going in to debt in a bid to throw a traditional wedding party. In some cases, it is even a competition to throw the best party and do better than the next person. However, a wedding does not have to be expensive at all. In fact, a wedding is just a party that you throw to celebrate making a commitment to your partner and this party can be anything that you want it to be. You are in charge ad you are not bound to do anything in particular and you are certainly not bound to following traditions or rituals.

Think out of the box

People spend the most amount of money on the wedding venues they choose because they choose big, famous hotels or big reception halls when in reality, you could save all of that money and have a small wedding party in your own home or at a friend’s home. You can have your wedding party on the beach or in someone’s garden and the truth is you can have just as amazing a party in any location. People have amazing creative wedding receptions without spending all of the money that they have and they still make a thousand memories.If you are getting married soon and you are on a tight budget, you will want to start looking for a location that you can use for free. There are many such locations available such as a church hall or a community center hall. Keep in mind that you can do magic with an empty room and you will be saving a lot of money on the hall, a little of which can be invested in to turning the empty hall in to a magical place. Once you have found a location, start looking online for inexpensive decoration ideas that you can use such as something as simple as fairy lights and tulle can transform any room in to a magical venue. For your catering, you can have someone at home such as your mother or some relations make some finger food that can be served at the wedding with drinks. The key is not to have fancy food but to have enough of food.

Choosing A Funeral Home

It can be quite difficult to select a funeral home especially if you need an immediate solution. There are so many funeral homes available in your local area and you may need to research a bit to ensure that they can provide the best arrangement for you. This may not be a decision you can make by yourself. You will need to discuss with your family about the requirements before you look for a funeral home. This will make the selection process much easier. You will have to compare different funeral parlours so that you find the best option for you.

The funeral homes will have a general price list where they lost all their services and products. You can ask for a copy of that from several funeral homes so that you can compare the prices. Some unreal homes will offer packages that might be more cost effective. Nowadays, you can check up on almost anything on the internet. You can check a few websites before you visit the funeral homes as well. It is better if the price list is specific when it comes to certain items so that you can make an informed decision. It is a good idea to include the cost of the funeral in your life insurance plan. You don’t have to buy the casket from the funeral home itself. You have the freedom to buy a casket or urn from any other place.

There is no rule saying you only have to use the funeral services and products given in the funeral premises. Inquire about the cost of buying a casket from outside and see whether it is a more cost effective option. Mostly, we look for funeral homes that are close to where we live. But you can check a few others as well so that you can get a better idea of the pricing and the services offered. The funeral home should provide you with a general price list when you visit them so that you know the cost of items and services offered by them. This way he will be able to assist you with organizing the perfect ceremony.

This will not include the prices of caskets, however. Make sure that you ask for all the prices before you select a parlour. You can also compare prices by contacting the funeral homes by phone. If you want, you can ask the home whether they are able to mail you the price list. You have to discuss with the funeral director and see whether he understands the type of service you want for the funeral.

Details To Capture, Besides The Bride And Groom

When you have been appointed to shoot for a marriage occasion, there are certain details that need to be captured beside the couple in focus. A marriage comprises of several instances and careful attention to small details can help create a memorable collection of images of the special occasion. The person who is appointed will be the one responsible to ensure that every aspect remains recorded and captured in images.

Finding the visual details

The photographer who is appointed for capturing a wedding needs to find the other visual details that define the day as well as the occasion. Hence, not only does the photographer needs to be around for the number of occasions that comprise a wedding, but also ensure that, akin to a pregnancy photo Hong Kong session, the professional gets acquainted with the couple who would be wed as well as others around them. However, visual details of a wedding also include several other elements. These comprise of the surrounding, the venue as well as its premises, décor and setup of the wedding venue, capturing the décor and decorative elements and so forth.

Get the best venue images

When it comes to visual details of a venue, what are the elements that should be part of your shoot and what should not be? These can be decided when you make a visit or tour of the place in a pre wedding visit. This will help you check out the kind of décor being planned for the event as well as capture images when décor elements have been freshly arranged or set up. In fact, it would be a good idea to capture venue décor and such details before the guests start to arrive. Hence, a tour of the wedding venue and knowing timings of the event and other instances will help you plan your shoots accordingly. Visit 

No detail is too small

For a wedding event there can be even small objects and instances whose images would add a unique touch to the wedding album. Hence, do not shy away from capturing the broken fence post outside the garden area where a wedding is planned; from the decorative flowers being arranged for the dinner tables as well as the natural weather conditions that prevail on the main day, these are all aspects that would help the wedding couple remember the day more vividly. Hence, capturing small and accessory details about the event would sum up the special day in a way that would also make your work stand out as a wedding photographer.

How To Be The Best Maid Of Honor?

Being the maid of honor for a best friend might sound like an absolutely jolly time but sometimes, it proves to be quite the opposite thanks to all the chores that comes attached to the process of planning a wedding. However, if you’re granted the opportunity to be a maid of honor, you are very likely to be known as one of the people that the bride trusts in most. Being given the honor of becoming somebody’s maid of honor is not as bad as some movies may portray it to be. Being a maid of honor is a very entertaining and fun job but whilst having fun, it is also important to live up to the standards that the bride expects from you.

If you’ve been appointed maid of honor, it is very likely that the bride assumes that you are a very reliable person so it is important that you love up to the standards she believes that you possess. The information listed down below are a few ways in which you could contribute to making your friends life a little easier during the hectic time of wedding planning.

Take care of bridesmaids

Between the dresses fit ons and the cake tasting appointments, your friend also known as the bride to be is very likely to have her plate full. It is also highly likely that she does not have much time to sit around and bond with her bridesmaids while introducing them to each other so it is up to you to make the following happen. It is completely up to you to introduce all the bridesmaids to each other and help them develop personal relationships with each other so that it will be easier to work together as a team in accomplishing the chores needed to get completed before the wedding. Everything from discussing hens night such as disco tour in Sydney and bar hopping need to be discussed in the presence of the bridesmaids. You should also take the initiative to divide up the tasks that needs to be completed before the wedding day amongst all the bridesmaids instead of piling it all on yourself and the bride.

Brides go to girl

It is no surprise that brides to be are undergoing a lot of stress and exhaustion during the process of planning the wedding so it is important to be there for your friend and make sure that she remains sane and in the best condition for the wedding.

Everything from driving the bride to appointments and going to the spa should be tasks that need to be completed by the maid of honor.